Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Drag technique

Hello Hello Art World!!~~

I found good tips in youtube.com again !!~~~ wanna share it with you ^__________^
I hope you like it  !!~~~

I think I will try it tomorrow !!~~

cr:uploader Thank you for good technique

This is my drag nail art ...in picture  but I use acrylic color..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

My Nail Art works today !!~~ 3D acrylic flower and painting

Today I have my special work to share you ... I like it so much ..I hope you like my works ...
I think black silver and gold color are matching so much!!! ^______________^

I wish you enjoin my blog !!~~ Thank for visit

Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to make Airbrush nail art


Before I go to bed ..I wanna share you about Airbrush Nail Art VDO that I found in youtube.com..
you know not only google that help you to find knowledge that you want to know..youtube is my second place that teach me many things there !!~~ ok let see how to use Airbrush gun to make nail art .. so cool and very quickly !! many technician like it ^____^

Have a sweet dream with this Tips !!!

Watercolor Painting on nail and One Stoke painting

Hello Hello !!~~~

Today I have a wonderful VDO Tips for you ..^____________^
I like it so much ..and they are a professional nail art technician ..!!~~ I wish you all like it ..

I think in future will have many artist jump in on this way .. and it will have many new work art come out everyday !!~~  make me excited so much.. how about you?? ok let see it together!!

CR: uploader

Friday, March 25, 2011

How to make 3D Acrylic flowers

Tonight !!~~ I found this VDO from youtube.com and I think it's amazing and wonderful 3D nail art.. I wish you like it .. and I think I will try to do it soon !!~~~ waiting for watching my 3D nail art works !!!~~

Let see !!~~

My Nail Art Works ^_____^

Today ..not many costumer ..but Thank you all costumers that came in my shop today.. Love Love you ^____________________________^

I wish you enjoin my works

and come back again soon ..!!~~~

see you soon ..!!~~~~~~~ my good day ~~~~~

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How to make Marble Water Nail Art

Tonight !!~~ I found good VDO collections about How to make Marble Nail at youtube.com .. I wish it can help you to do it!!~~ and Thank you for good VDO Tips ..CR: oceasianails

you can try it ^____________^ OPI Nail Polish

About Harmony Gelish color Gel polish

Harmony Gelish System

I found it in magazine and Internet for awhile ..I think in future the old polish will out and we will use UV Gel Polish instead ..because It's better and nicer than old polish .. If you try once I think you will love it ...I can say Wow this is amazing and very beautiful.. and I can use it !!~~ Don't fear for nail polish remover anymore when I use it with my costumers ^_______^ that's so great... ok I have a VDO for you to see that it's easy to use and very nice

Cr: uploader

How to make 3D UV Gel by Volume Gel

Today I have a good VDO for sharing about How to make 3D UV gel by volume Gel ..
and I think this is a great idea to make a cute 3D UV gel.. I hope it can help you ..
I found this VDO on youtube.com by ICE GEL  anyone have try it??? share with me ^__^

I think now UV GEL is so hot !!~~ because it can redo many time until you want .. so many nail artist use UV GEL more than Acrylic ..but I think I like Acrylic for 3D nail .. what do you think? may be in future if I can use UV GEL more often  I will it more ..!!~~~

and this is my first work for 3D UV GEL ^^

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

^___^ Welcome To My World

Hi .. everybody

           I am very happy to share about my work ^^... I wish you enjoin it ..

I will show you about my nail art works and my student works .. If you have any question please leave a message .. Nice to meet you all guys ..!!~~~

love love love
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